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Infoseek | Links2Go

SearchKing | Fast Search

WebCrawler | WWW Riot

Omnivoid's Multicrawl

Dogpile | Open Here

MegaSpider | ProFusion

Add URL LinkMaster Cool Search

Search for sites featuring:
Java VRML Audio Video Chat

Thunderstone | GoTo

Xmedia Partners | Search AllinOne

HotBot | Looksmart

AllSearchEngines.Com--Handy site lists 'em all



Alta Vista Search

The Net 1

AAA Matilda Canada

Search Alaska & Canada

Search It | Lycos

Search Tips
National Directory


Yahoo Canada

Mamma Search
Search The Web:

Direct Hit | Canada Search

more search engines
more search engines and
people finder directories

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Talia's Humor
Cletis L's Dirty Jokes
Humor Highway
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