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Grand Funk Railroad


If your a Grand Funk fan, you already know how the critic's loved to hate them and how they made it with little or no air play. It was their live performances that really shot them forward. It didn't take long for the population to know there was a new heavy band out there vibrating the airwaves.

Grand Funk started out in 1969 playing the festival cicuit. The Atlanta Pop Festival on July 4, 1969 was when they really got noticed, by playing in front of over 150,000 people, and doing it for free. Grand Funk totally bypassed playing in small clubs and went straight to the BIG festivals in front of thousands. The crowds loved this unknown power trio. They played many festivals before their first album, "On Time" was even released.

Mark Farner
Farner with his Messenger guitar
This guitar was responsible for that Original garage band Sound!     It took Mark Don and Mel together, to create this Hard Rock TRIO!     Even Mel messed around and customized his Fender Jazz Bass by adding another pickup to it.     Now Don did what he did on just a few skins and could KICK that bass drum to the ultimate; to make that Funky Sound as WE know and love as GRAND FUNK RAILROAD

Mel Schacher Don Brewer

When was the first time You heard of Grand Funk? Was it during their garage days? Their famous days? After their breakup days? Without Mel days? Their reunion days? Or Without Mark days? These are only questions I'm asking, to bring up that first memory of GFR. The main thing is, we all got into them at one time or another, because of their talent and how they can Rock the World! Leave a message in my guestbook, if you would like to share your thoughts!

I have been a fan ever since I heard "The Red Album" in 1970...
I'll never forget the first time I heard them... a girl brought it to
school one day and in one of our classes she said
"you gotta hear this..."
Luckily we had a cool teacher who put it on the old turntable for us
I don't know about any one else
but that totaly did it for me! Blew me away!
Nothing came close or comes close to the sound of Grand Funk
I couldn't get enough of that loud heavy sound. It seemed like I
was the only one who thought they were Great & heard the wild
power from this trio...
Just my personal rememberance!
You all have your own rememberance of Grand Funk
So let everyone know!

I saw them struttin' their stuff and rockin' the city on Thur. Aug. 16 1973 at Toronto's Varsity Stadium, during their We're an American Band Tour. It was an outdoor concert, so I'm sure people heard it for miles. Let me just say that it was the best concert I have been to.
Plus they were the Loudest band at the time :)

Grand Funk: 1972
Grand Funk Dec '72

GFR '73 Ticket Stub

About 15 years later I met Mark Farner. I went to a few of his solo concerts, and finally on Wed. Nov. 16 1988, at Rock'n'Roll Heaven I got his autograph. Yaa! Alright! He signed my "Just Another Injustice" LP.

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Grand Funk and Frank Zappa
Mel, Frank Zappa, Mark, Craig & Don
during the good singin’ good playin’ session's
and last album with Mel until the '96 reunion

Finally got to see the new GFR in the summer of 2005. All the energy is still there and it was a total blast to see them live again. It sure is different without Farner, but they still put on a great show. A fantastic rockin' time for everyone. I had front row seats and I still can't get the smile from my face whenever I think about that concert

I hope you listen to them loud like I do. The only way to hear them is LOUD or you miss half of it! They played LOUD so you have to HEAR LOUD!

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