Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa

And The Mothers Of Invention

the mothers

The first time I heard Zappa was in the late 60's. I think it is weird that my two favorite rockers got it together. - Grand Funk & Zappa. Can you beleive it? I never thought in a million years they would get together. Watch his Grand Funk thought, on 200 Motels, and tell me what you think!

Toronto Rockpile Toronto Rockpile 1969

Some Zappa Sites
For Your Pleasure

*The Official Frank Zappa Homepage
*Frank Zappa Gig List (this is a huge list)
*The Black Page
*St. Alphonzo's Pancake Homepage
*Johan Wikberg's Explosive FZ Bootleg FAQ (excellent site for Zappa bootlegs)
*Zappa Films & Videography
*1980 Zappa Shows (the year I saw him; Nov.11, Toronto, Ont.) - plus every year up to 1988
*Photos From Copenhagen Concerts
*Zappa, Argus Music Searcher
*Ready.To.Ware Zappa Tribute
Zappa in a groove

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